Handmade Natural Soap With White Clay For Mature Skin 100g

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Try Organique handmade natural glycerine soap for face and body clean and enjoy soft refreshing power of this highest quality body care product.


Use as a face cleaner

You can use it in the shower so run soap bar all over your body then thoroughly rinse your self off

In the sink for the hands wash so scrub them until all visible dirt is removed

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Soap manufactured with a traditional method with the use of natural origin ingredients. Recommended mostly for face cleansing, but it can also be applied on the body.It contains valuable plant oils. While washing, they care for skin, protect its lipid barrier and prevent dryness. White clay gently cleanses, soothes and regenerates skin. The essential oil, selected specially for the skin type and its needs, supports care and beautifying effects of the soap.

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