Tincture for onychomycosis NEW

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Action: This concentrated tincture includes silver water, copper water, marshmallow extract, thyme extract, sage extract, lime extract, mandarins extract, rosemary extract, tea oil, sage oil, lavender oil, grapefruit oil, manuka oil, clove oil and cinnamon oil. All these ingredients have wide antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Direction for use: Apply the tincture on nail plate twice a day in the morning and evening for several months untill the achievement of desirable effect. To achieve a better result use ONYGEN® Cream or MYKOBOOSTER®  Nail Oil. A regular nails cleansing at the podologist’s office  is recommended.

Capacity: 10 ml

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Indication: For onychomycosis. Also recommended to prevent fungal growth and nail reconstruction.

Recommended for diabetics.